2020 Bronze Quill Awards Program Professional Entry

The Bronze Quill Awards program is open to all communications professionals, including freelancers and those working in agencies, nonprofit organizations or corporations. You do NOT have to be an IABC member to enter the competition.

Original material that was produced and/or measured in 2019 is eligible for entry. If you started the project in 2018, but some of its elements carried over into 2019 (e.g., measurement of its success occurred in 2018), then it is eligible.

If you entered your work in previous years and didn’t win an award, you may revise and re-enter your project. Entries that have won in previous years may not be resubmitted.

Each entry is judged on a 7-point scale and is judged twice. The final score is averaged between the two.

In the event of a discrepancy of more than 3 points between the two judges, a third judging will be completed and the final score will be an average between all three.

Award of Merit: Entries with a score between 5.0 and 5.24

Award of Excellence: Entries with a score of 5.25 and above

For those submitting multiple entries, each entry must be submitted individually, with an appropriate work plan or entry form for each category it is submitted into.

You will need to complete your entry in one session; it is not possible to save your progress and come back later to enter any additional information. Before you begin your entry online, you may wish to download and complete your Work Plan for Divisions 1-3 (download template here) or your Entry Form for Division 4: Communication Skills (download template here).

Once your entry is submitted, it cannot be edited or altered. Please ensure all your information is accurate and that you upload the appropriate files, as required.

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Please e-mail iabchouston@gmail.com referencing the IABC Houston Bronze Quill Awards.

Technical assistance? Please e-mail +Republic referencing the IABC Houston Bronze Quill Awards.